Proactive Care Team


Proactive Care Team 

  • Do you ever feel like your voice is not heard within the care system? 
  • Do you ever feel that decisions about your care are made without your consent? 
  • Do you ever feel unsure of who to contact when things start to go wrong? 
  • Do you feel like you need some extra support?

If the answer is ‘yes’ to any of those questions; it might be time to start thinking about Proactive Care.

In a time of unprecedented change for our health service it is important that we find ways to adapt, and to continue providing a high standard of care for the most vulnerable members of our local community.  The Proactive Care Team was set up for this very purpose, aiming to assist in the provision of personalised care. 

The service operates within local communities, targeted at those over the age of 70 who require additional input and support.  The aim of the project is to help reduce unnecessary hospital admissions.  In our first year of operations we successfully reduced the number of Avoidable Unplanned Admissions (AUAs) across Hampshire, leading to the renewal of our contract until 2023.

Our team works tirelessly alongside GPs, nurses and other health care professionals in order to identify those most in need of the Proactive Care service.  Each patient identified receives contact from one of our specialised local teams, with whom they can have an open and honest discussion about how best to plan and proceed with their desired care pathway.  Our teams act as an easily accessible point of contact within the health service, ensuring that those who require a higher level of support are able to access it without unnecessary difficulty and stress. 

We believe that all of the above make the Proactive Care Team a truly unique service, one that can be shaped and tailored to an individual’s needs and preferences.  We specialise in offering a supportive and friendly point of contact for those who may otherwise not receive the time and attention they require.  Our priority has always been to keep patients happy, safe and independent within their own homes.

If you feel you meet the criteria to be seen by the service, and you think that it might be of some benefit to you or a person you care for, or someone you are concerned about please enquire with your GP Surgery about the local team in your area.

Service leaflet

This service is managed by Nikki Cobby. Should you have any questions please email


***Last Updated 21/10/2021

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