Business Operations Manager

Karla Salt, karla.salt@nhs.net 

HR and Finance Manager
Andrew Winks, andrew.winks@nhs.net

Nurse Quality and Development Manager
Amanda Waite, amanda.waite@nhs.net

Service Delivery Manager (for Proactive Care, Phlebotomy, Community Cardiology and Leg Ulcer)
Nikki Cobby, nikki.cobby@nhs.net

Service Delivery Manager (for GP Access & Extended Hours, Liver Fibroscan and Med Sec Hub)
Natalie Chapple, n.chapple@nhs.net

Assistant Service Delivery Manager
Nicky Bullis, nicola.bullis1@nhs.net

IT Manager

Ben Semke, ben.semke@nhs.net

***Last updated 21/09/2021


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