Primary Care Support and Consultancy Services

At Mid Hampshire Healthcare, we are lucky to have an expert team who have the skills, knowledge and experience to help us deliver high quality services, have creative new fresh ideas, new ways of working and who understand the long term vision for Primary Care. 

We have successfully implemented wide scale system integrated services but have also created our own mini projects that support our local Federation member practices and patient population. We feel we are in a strong position to support other primary care organisations work towards the new visions being put in front of us. 

Some of the things we can offer; 

•    Project Management Support
•    Service Modelling, delivery and gap analysis
•    Product sharing (policies, protocols, searches and reports, templates) 
•    IT system configurations to maximise efficiencies and ease of use (we currently sit as a lead primary care provider on the EMIS development panel)
•    Pre-CQC inspection support and checklist
•    Sense checking organisational structures and supporting the creation of new models (Primary Care Networks, Partnerships, Federations) 


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